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Pickup Date
Deadline to order before the Holidays is 12/18. Pies can be picked up on Wednesdays and Thursdays or Sunday 12/23. Please note; Orders need to be placed at least three days prior to pickup. Please inquire about special requests.
Please select one: Wednesday Hours: 4p-12a Thursday Hours: 12p-8p Sunday 12/23 Hours: 4p-7p
Boozy Key Lime Pie w/ Buttery Graham Cracker Crust $35
Lemon Curd Custard with a Whiskey flavored Whipped Cream topping and a lightly brushed Chocolate bottom (a staff favorite) *alcohol free* $35
Rich, All Butter Crust $35
Cardamom infused butter crust and Cream Cheese infused Whipped Cream $35
Gingersnap Crust and Salted Caramel Meringue Can be made Gluten Free with GF Gingersnaps $35
A Light, Mouse-like chocolate filling topped w/ an infused Rose Créme and a Cocoa Crust $35
Orange Custard- Cream Pie with a Marscapone Cheese infused Whipped topping and a crunchy Gingersnap Crust Can be made Gluten Free $35
w/ a Dark Chocolate Ganache Can be made Gluten Free $40
Based on an old Family Recipe. Puerto Rican Bread Pudding with Coconut Milk and Rum Soaked Raisins in a Flaky Pastry $35
Blend of Fresh Cranberries and Apples in an All Butter Crust and Brown Sugar Crumble Topping $35
Whipped Cheddar Infused Latticed Crust $35
Apples cooked and soaked in Brandy w/ a Cinnamon Infused Butter Pastry $35
Dark Chocolate Bottom Layer with Rich, Buttery Pastry $40
All Butter Crust with Sweet Orange Zest infused Whipped Cream $40
All Butter Crust with Charred Marshmallow Meringue $35
Smooth Ricotta Cheese and Orange Citron in a Flaky Buttery Pastry $35
Chamomile Poached Pears in light Almond Batter and All Butter Crust $40
Creamy Custard and Brandied Cherries encased in an All Butter Crust $35
Raspberry Jam and Custard Almond-based Pastry $40
Molasses Pie w/ Salted Crumble and Nutmeg Whip $35
Tomatillo-Garlic Sauce and Parsley $35
Almond Milk Sweet Potato Custard w/ Charred Aquafaba Meringue $40
Fresh Apples in a Flaky Lattice Pastry $35
Fresh Cranberries and Apples with a Brown Sugar Crumble Topping $35
Eggless Pumpkin Custard w/ Charred Aquafaba Meringue Can be made Gluten Free with an alternate Gingersnap Crust $40
Based on an old family Recipe $35
Tomatillo-Garlic Sauce and Parsley $35
Brandy Soaked Apples with Cinnamon Infused Pastry $35